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Text Box: We have been breeding dogs for over twenty five years and therefore pride ourselves on providing new owners with quality pups and the best advice.
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Many of the breeds we have are considered the most suitable for those with allergies.
Bichon, Labradoodle, Lhasa Apso, Cavoodle, Maltese, Mini & Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu, Tibetans, Schnauzers

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Text Box: New Arrivals  
Text Box: Cocker Spaniel x Toy Poodle (Spoodle)
A hybrid with intelligence and fabulous looks! Cocker Spaniels are renowned for their friendly outgoing nature so this mixed with the loyalty and intelligence of the Poodle has produced great little indoor / outdoor dog. A sturdy little pup that can play all day but, is happy just to be around people, is what a Spoodle should be.

Text Box: Cavoodles 

Combining the companion dog qualities of the Cavalier with the intelligence and loyalty of the Poodle the Cavoodle has rapidly become one of Australias favourite hybrid dogs. With low shedding qualities these dogs have proved popular with people that suffer from allergies and are recommended for families with young children.
Text Box: Tenterfield Terrier
With the Robustness and tenacity associated with the Fox Terrier the Tenterfield is often confused with the Foxy or Jack Russell. They are curious, bold and outgoing and should make a great companion dog. We recommend these dogs for young and old and especially for older adults that want a loving loyal furry friend.
Text Box: Labradors  chocolate
Robust, strong and faithful Labradors have long been Australiaís favourite dog. Adaptable friendly and loving, these wonderful companion dogs have been used for many services due to their trainability. Suitable for almost any family whether itís for fun, companionship or guarding.
Text Box: Cairn Terrier x Cavalier
Combining the robustness and tenacity of the Cairn Terrier with the loyalty and gentleness of the Cavalier has given us a wonderful family companion. With low shedding coats these dogs could be good for people that suffer from allergies and are recommended for families young and old.
Text Box: Jugs   Jack Russell x Pug
Lively, intelligent and 200% fun. Jugs have become a firm favourite with people looking for a pup full of character. Jugs are generally very social and enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Not requiring huge walks these little pups will need to be entertained to get maximum enjoyment from them.
Text Box: Maltese x Pomeranian  (MaltiPom)
This is a fabulous combination of two incredibly popular breeds. Incredibly lively and very friendly these pups would suit most homes. A luxurious coat that would benefit from a daily brush these pups love attention but should be happy and confident enough to be left alone. 	

Text Box: Dalmatians
Who isnít familiar with the spotty dog? What you may not know is that Dalmatians make loyal loving companions and are also excellent guard dogs. In general they will enjoy all types of training with an aptitude for agility and any type of running.
Best suited to the active family, especially anyone who loves to run.
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Moodle:      Maltese x Toy Poodle
One of the most popular small dogs in Australia, the Maltese is a gusty outgoing dog with personality plus. Having been crossed with the Toy Poodle this hybrid benefits from a low shedding and easy maintenance coat. With a friendly disposition these pups are great for families and individuals that want a companion that guarantees fun.
Text Box:  Mini Dachshund
Full of personality with a bold out going disposition Dachshunds have long been considered an ideal housedog. Small in stature but bold and proud they make surprisingly good guard dogs, they thrive on attention and thus are well suited for individuals or families with older children.
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+ YorkiePoos + Labradors  Black & Gold + Party Poodles (Toy x Mini)


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Text Box: Jackoodles   Jack Russell x Poodle
Lively intelligent and 200% fun Jackoodles have become a firm favourite with people looking for a pup full of character. Jackoodles are generally very social and enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Whilst not completely non shedding, previous owners of Jack Russells will love their low shedding quality.

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